An hour with Senator Mar Roxas

Friday, June 12, 2009

Photos by : doyzkie

Cebu Bloggers Society met Senator Mar Roxas last June 11, 2009 at Coffee Bean IT park. All of us were excited of this event involving a well known politician. At around 630pm, Senator Mar Roxas arrived wearing a plain white long sleeve and a plain black slacks. He saw us taking pictures and with no hesitation he joined us and take note, he sat down on the floor just to join the club. after that he proceed to his position and Kevin Chua, the organizer of this event started asking questions.

list of the questions: (i cant enumerate all)

*why the padyak commercial?
*what are your 4 agendas?
*What can you say about the Hayden Kho Scandal?
*hows the wedding preparation going with Korina Sanchez?
*what can you say about the federalism?

Senator Mar Roxas gladly answered and elaborated all of his explanations. he speaks with sincere and knowledge. no doubt that most of the survey he is always in the top 5 list of presidential candidacy.


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