SKIN Care 101: Breakouts

Sunday, June 14, 2009

hate breakouts? how you wish you can do something about it?

well i do get alot of breakouts, especially during classes because i get exposed to dirt along my way to school and i got an oily type of skin making it prone to acnes. stress can add up too because it triggers the oil glands to produce more sebum causing the pores be clogged and leaving the dirt within the pores. by then acnes starts to grow and become inflamed.

Im really trying my best to seek a good medication without going to a dermatologist coz its expensive. you have to pay for the check up and the medication they prescribe. On my own opinion, in order to treat a certain condition, you must understand it first and knowing what causes it. Acne is considered as a local infection and bacteria causes this condition. "No bacteria, No Pimple" that simple. The main goal is to kill the bacteria present in our skin and there are many products out there that promise to get rid of the stubborn curse! but not all are effective to everyone, its like a trial and error thing. so ill be listing down some of the products i used.

1. Cleanser - washing the face with a facial wash is very important. it can help in flushing out the bacteria. be aware that some cleanser can cause severe dryness. for cleanser, i strongly recommend CETAPHIL. its a mild cleanser and recommended by dermatologist. YOU CAN BUY THIS IN WATSONS

2. Benzoyl Peroxide 5% (Benzac AC wash)- can kill bacteria and considered as a keratolytic which means that you will peel off. this can help your skin to rejuvenate and scrape off dead skin cells but the primary use of this is to kill the bacteria. YOU CAN BUT THIS IN WATSONS

3. DERM A Tretinoin (Optional)- this can help making your face more flawless and can help in curing pimples. i used this a lot because it really helped me to gain a smoother skin and whiter complexion. this is also keratolytic. usually used by night and there is an additional moisturizer which spf tha prevents sun burn. it is important to read the labels of this product because the effect is a bit drastic to some. your skin can will be more sensitive and can cause mild irritation. in some cases this can lead to breakout! BUT take note! its normal. JUST READ THE DIRECTION BEFORE USING THIS! product YOU CAN BUY THIS IN WATSONS

there you have it. some products that can help you out to prevent breakouts! thnx!


An hour with Senator Mar Roxas

Friday, June 12, 2009

Photos by : doyzkie

Cebu Bloggers Society met Senator Mar Roxas last June 11, 2009 at Coffee Bean IT park. All of us were excited of this event involving a well known politician. At around 630pm, Senator Mar Roxas arrived wearing a plain white long sleeve and a plain black slacks. He saw us taking pictures and with no hesitation he joined us and take note, he sat down on the floor just to join the club. after that he proceed to his position and Kevin Chua, the organizer of this event started asking questions.

list of the questions: (i cant enumerate all)

*why the padyak commercial?
*what are your 4 agendas?
*What can you say about the Hayden Kho Scandal?
*hows the wedding preparation going with Korina Sanchez?
*what can you say about the federalism?

Senator Mar Roxas gladly answered and elaborated all of his explanations. he speaks with sincere and knowledge. no doubt that most of the survey he is always in the top 5 list of presidential candidacy.


CBS membership temporarily closed for 1 month

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Photoblogger-head of the membership committee held an emergency meeting in Enovlink Training Center. the meeting was all about the idea of closing the membership for 1 month to modify some rules and agendas for membership applicants. another reason also is the growing population of CBS members and sad to say not all are active enough, some members just apply then goodbye. Strict rules about the application process were focused to help the committee decide on those applicants who are worthy of becoming a CBS member.

As for me, being a member really takes a lot of responsibility and not by blogging alone, so this modification of the membership application is a brilliant idea. besides CBS is on its way of becoming a legal organization in cebu. so this is a good start!

kudos to Photoblogger!


Nothing but ordinary

this will be my first post for this blog (obviously =D) ..

This morning around 10am i started reading on how things work with blogspot..i wanna learn how to customize my templates and how to create stuff for my blog interface, but it seems that blogspot is a bit complicated than other websites like multiply. its a bit confusing in the page elements and the edit html.. coz any modifications in the HTML, it also affects the page elements.. argh! it took me 5 hours of reading and trial and error to finally get this blog template . i know its a bit plain and not that catchy.. but good enough i guess hehe well wish me luck.. i need to search for more tutorials to create a good template..